Jaye Launches a New Hot Track



Life can be hard on you and it takes a strong person to withstand the many obstacles on the road to success. The moment you reach a goal, you feel disappointed and you’re forced to set higher ones. Human life is a never-ending chase. Some are chasing money, some wish for fame, but what we all want for sure is happiness. Whatever your financial and social status, you can feel miserable when alone in your bedroom. Money can’t buy happiness and if it was so, there would be no rich men complaining about their lives. Happiness is a state of mind. So, are you happy? Apparently, no man can be happy all the time. It is ok for you to feel sad and hate the world – it is all about proportions of negative and positive thoughts in your head. These days we’re all stressed out to the extent where we no longer can contain ourselves and let our demons out. Even when we do not speak loudly and don’t insult people, we feel the need to express negative emotions in a way or another. Alcohol is, probably, one of the fastest and easiest solutions to cure depressive mood. Tomorrow you will wake up with a headache, but today you’re ready to have fun and groove to your favorite music tracks. Love Gorillaz?. Presenting new music video by Jaye – Tomorrow. Enjoy!

When it comes to music tastes, one can hardly criticize other person’s choice. Music choices is a personal territory and a personal paradise where you can free your head from unnecessary worries and useless thoughts poisoning your mind. Feeling stressed out after a long week at work? Had a rough month trying to figure out ways to improve your financial situation? Going through a challenging period in life? Need some help and emotional support? You do not need therapy so long as you have music at hand as your perfect anti-stress instrument. Jaye is an uprising star and a creative artist who steps away from usual music video content, shiny cars, clubs and sugar babes. His new song Tomorrow speaks about harsh realities of life in the 21st Century – everybody can relate to this track and get the message behind Jaye’s emotional philosophic lyrics. Intrigued? Follow the link to listen to one of today’s hottest music tracks and watch one of the hottest music videos with Jaye in the role of Joker. Enjoy!

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