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What is your biggest dream in life? What idea helps you wake up in the morning and rush to your work place regardless of the weather outside? Everybody has to have a dream if he does not want to end up in a deep dark existencial depression. People got a little too egoistic and extra when it comes to their demands these days. While 70% percent of humankind struggles with financial issues and lack of adequate health care and social support, a small bunch of people spend their huge money on luxurious lifestyle and their loved ones’ whims. The bad thing with some rich people and people in general is they lose the ability to empathize and to deeply understand others’ problems and needs. Can you imagine thousands of kids in Africa starving and praying to survive while some average Hollywood celebrity spends thousands dollars on a hairstylist in a week? The difference between lives of those doomed to starvation and pain and those trying to decide between a Porshe and Lamborghini is so huge, it would take 10 generations to cover the long distance. Do you find this situation unfair, ugly and extremely disappointing, especially in times of globalization and innovative technologies? Some people made a choice to step out and help make our world a better place! Do not hesitate to check out Carl Kruse blog to discover Carl Kruse and organizations that do good article in which he reveals candid information about top non-profit organizations that make a serious contribution.

How many kind-hearted and giving people you know? Egoistic behaviour is a huge trend now among women and men of all ages and professions. Stay an egoist and do not care about other’s feelings – this is the new age slogan believed to help in building a happy life. Fortunately, basic moral principles and God’s wisdom remains a guiding star for some people who know the healing power of good deeds and noble intentions. Helping others is the easiest and fastest way to growing a strong spirit and becoming a better version of yourself. I believe media should focus on charity topics rather than celebrity gossips. Charity organizations are ones that help make the world a better place for future generations and reprogram human mind from egoism to generosity, both emotional and financial. Do not hesitate to say hello to Carl Kruse and his blog. These days Carl Cruse writes about nonprofits and shares valuable information on the situation in the charity sector.

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