Greatest Hollywood Tour from Las Vegas


For most of the people a vacation is retreating to an exotic spa hotel or a beach resort with all the bells and whistles, however there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy a great holiday. Moreover, there is no need to leave US for this is the country that can surprise even its residents with splendid landscapes and one of a kind destinations that draw tourists from all around the world. One of the cities that is notoriously famed as a world-class attraction spot is Las Vegas. While there are lots of things to do, and see in Vegas, and it is true to fact the Global Capital of Gambling, there are a few thing you can add to your Vegas itinerary to make the most out the trip: for instance take a tour from Las Vegas to Hollywood.

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The Las Vegas to Hollywood tour is recommended by almost every travel agency and every online travel resource. Hence, there are plenty of offers for Hollywood tours in Las Vegas. Even your hotel might suggest some. The drawback is that most of them are bus tours, which although a bit cheaper in price, take a much longer time on the road and since most of them offer pickup services you might be stuck for a good hour or two driving around collecting your fellow-travelers from their hotel (if you were among the first on the bus). So what is the alternative to these Las Vegas to Hollywood tours tripadvisor suggest?

After a great night of gamble, and hopefully fortunate wins, hop on one of the luxurious SUV’s Las Vegas to Hollywood tours, to enjoy a great one-day trip full of awesome experiences, see Stars homes in Beverly Hills & Holmby Hills and mansions like Michael Jacksons, Britney Spears and more and enjoy a great comfortable ride. You can charter a private luxury SUV all to yourselves for a day or opt for customized discounted private charters for larger groups. Transform you Vegas vacation into a real adventure that your entire family or group of friends can enjoy. For more information about the Best Las Vegas to Hollywood tour visit vegastohollywoodtours at squarespace dot com. Also, do not hesitate to discover the rest of the one-day tours you could take from Vegas including, the renowned Grand Canyon! You worked too hard and now it’s high time you give yourself a break and enjoy the best Vegas can give you!


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