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Alcohol connecting people and not mobile phones! Alcohol has been and forever will remain one of the best instruments for fighting stress, whatever reason caused it. Alcoholic beverages are praised all over the world and are consumed in large quantities. Europeans, Americans, Russians, Asians and Africans – all have their traditional drinks that keep their parties going. One of the best ways to shift the atmosphere and make everyone happy is to hire a mobile bar and let everyone get drunk with his favourite cocktail. No doubt, alcohol services and shops are highly demanded and well paid. Are you planning opening a small whisky shop to quench your customers’ desire for high quality, great tasting and high quality whisky that does not give a headache? You may have years of practical experience with alcohol and whisky in particular. You may be quite knowledgeable about different sorts and brands, but you need something you can’t get without expert guidance – you need a certificate. On one side, Becoming a certified whisky ambassador requires dedication and 100% commitment. On the other side, alcohol tasting is an exciting part when you can discover and evaluate a drink according to new criteria you have never heard of before. Make a big step towards becoming a professional with our unmatched Whisky Ambassador certification course.

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Welcome to the world of alcohol tasting. Some people naturally have ultra-sensitive buds that help them distinguish undertones of taste. Most probably, you have seen people using special techniques at wine tasting parties and surely, you have been questioning yourself what are they doing and how does it help evaluate the taste better. Human tongue is the strongest muscle in human body, but it also has a big talent for taste evaluation, each tongue sector exclusively responsible for a specific basic taste. Apparently, you do not want to fully rely on your tongue as it is not the only instrument a professional Wine Sommelier is using. Mastering basic sommelier skills takes time and patience. We are happy to welcome you to the best wine appreciation workshop!

Do you want to become a professional sake sommelier? Wine sommeliers are not rare while sake connoisseurs are in high demand in European countries and America. Sake is a national Japanese alcoholic drink that is served warm and has a very unique, elegant, refined and enjoyable flavour. Follow the link to learn more about Sake Sommelier Course and certification –

For more information about Sake Sommelier Course visit the website.

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