Amazing version of hindi song kaun tujhe is now available on YouTube – check out Ashley Singh channel and you will find it!


Do you love the amazing song I Dont Wanna Live Forever sung by stunning duet of ZAYN &Taylor Swift? Who doesn’t! People literally are going crazy about it these days. I am not an exception and I need to confess that I used to listen to it all day long when it was released. However, after a while, a good friend of mine suggested me to listen also to its covers and among them I found a brilliant one that is one of the best mashup indian songs that I have ever heard.

The melody is performed by Ashley Singh, a young yet, so talented and beautiful performer that simply amazes the music lovers with her sweet and so great voice. In fact, I was surprised to discover that I actually love this hindi song kaun tujhe just as much as I like the original and even find it more natural and not so tuned. Additionally, it might happen that you, like me and my friend, are really reticent about hindi music, but believe me this incredible tune is really worth a try since it is not a common cover that can be found on YouTube but rather a new and fresh version of the melody that already starts to be boring due to the fact that it can be heard everywhere. Moreover, you will really be stunned to find out how exceptionally well it will fit every kind of party since the unique vibe of this kaun tujhe cover will bring only positive and cool emotions to all the party people. Besides, I need to reveal you that another distinctive feature of this melody is that it does not come with a dull studio recording but with a very picturesque and beautifully filmed video that perfectly transmits the sensibility and individuality of the play. As you can understand, if you are passionate about pop music, then you must see at least once this great kaun tujhe video song.

Obviously, after I have shared my impressions about one of the most brilliant mashup songs hindi that can be watched for free on the Internet, I am practically “obligated” to give you also the link where you can enjoy it as well, so, here it is: I really hope that you will like this utmost cover and will keep an eye on Ashley Singh YouTube channel to see how her musical career will further develop, maybe she the next international star, who knows?

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